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Half Term Half Price

Looking for something to do this half-term? We're running a special offer on all of our walking trails, so you can get out and explore Scarborough for half the price!

Choose from our updated Peasholm Nature Trail, Old Town Heritage & Folklore Trail, or the Ghost Tour if you're feeling spooky! Here we give you a short run-down of each trail, or scroll down the bottom of the blog to get your hands on the discount code you'll need to redeem this special offer.

Peasholm Park Nature Trail - things to do in Scarborough

Aimed at under 12s, this trail comes with an activity pack for young adventurers. Wander around the park and glen and discover a different side to the park. Here's what you can expect to find:

  • Discover the fairy and pixie hideouts, find the special wishing spots in the park, and stamp your feet as you cross the troll bridges

  • Use the map to locate all the best wildlife feeding spots, and learn about the diets and habits of our resident critters

  • Complete the treasure trail word search, see if you can solve all the clues to give you a final word - the word changes all the time so keep checking back for updates. You can complete this part of the trail for free by clicking here >

  • Complete your own wildlife survey - mark off all the different animals and birds you see along the trail

  • Find and mark off all the wooden wildlife sculptures - see if you can spot them all

  • Wander along the tree trail, and discover the different types of trees in the park

And if you have some extra time left - check out our blog on the Top Things to do in Peasholm Park.

Things to do in Scarborough - Heritage Trail

This mega trail has something for all ages - its quite a big trail, so should take you at least a couple of hours to complete. Starting on Eastborough, the heart of the Old Town, you'll wander down to the seafront learning about the history and heritage, as well as hearing about the pirates, smugglers and other folklore stories from days gone by. Once you've heard about the seaside traditions, and what made Scarborough the first seaside town in the Victorian era, you'll head along Foreshore Road - stopping at key locations such as the lighthouse and piers along the way. Then work your way up to the castle, where you'll discover what brought the earliest settlements to Scarborough in the days of Romans. The trail is a loop, so you'll come back down towards the market area, before ending where you started.

Here are a few snippets of what you can expect to find out:

  • Smugglers and Pirates - the routes they used to take, underground tunnels and secret hideouts

  • Ghosts and ghouls - we have several ghostly stories in the old town

  • History and heritage - from fishing and ship building, to seaside traditions

  • Superstitions and folklore - our old fishermen were a superstitious bunch, find out about some of the quirky things they believed in, and learn about the sea monsters that kept them so terrified

  • Our oldest buildings, and earliest settlements

Scarborough Ghost Tour

Stand outside the haunted locations, and see for yourself what ghouls are hidden within!

The first section of the ghost tour is completely free, so you can enjoy a little taster of some of the town's famous ghost stories.

Find out which local lass was strangled on the beach, and the multiple locations her apparition continues to haunt. Read about the hauntings of old buildings, the local witches, a haunted school and the smugglers who still guard their treasure.... if you dare!




*The discount code can be used a maximum of 3 times throughout the promotional period. Offer ends Sunday 25th February 2024 at midnight. Subject to change or cancellation at any time.

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