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Peasholm Nature, Treasure & Fairy Trail

Experience the wonder of Peasholm Park & Glen while learning about the nature living in our beloved park. 

Our activity pack is filled with things to do in the park:

  • Complete the treasure trail

  • Learn all about the ducks, geese, gulls and woodland creatures

  • Complete your own wildlife survey

  • See if you can spot the fairy hideouts

  • Walk over all the fairy and troll bridges, and make wishes as you go

  • Plus complete the mini tree trail up the glen

Peasholm Lake (fairy trail)

Peasholm Nature Trail

Enjoy the beautiful park and lakes. Following the map will take you around the lake, along the duck ponds, and up through the Glen.

Along the way you can complete the activities included in the trail pack, such as a wildlife survey and tree trail. We've also pointed out all the favourite feeding spots for our woodland creatures - so stock up on seeds and nuts as we have some hungry squirrels.

The Enchanted Glen & Tree Trail

Follow the trail up the Enchanted Glen to find the fairy hideouts, wishing bridges, and discover the beauty of the woodland walk.

We've also included some of the best trees in the park in a mini tree trail.

Peasholm Glen fairy trail
Image by Nadjib BR

Peasholm Treasure Trail

Find the clues hidden around the park to solve the mystery of the treasure trail. You can complete the treasure hunt for free by clicking the trail button below:

From a medieval manor house, to pig fields to a beautiful oriental themed park and woodland walk - learn about how Peasholm Park became the wonder we know and love today.

You can read all about the history of Peasholm Park & Glen for free here>>

Peasholm Park 1932.jpg
Peasholm Park Lake things to do

We're busy creating a whole range of blog posts about things to do in the Peasholm area. Embrace the outdoors, and the British weather, find things to do on a budget, and explore the entire area with our mini guides.

Read about our Top Things To Do In Peasholm Park here, or check out the full blog.

Peasholm Glen and waterfalls
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