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Scarborough Old Town Heritage & FOLKLORE Trail

How does it work?

1. Subscribe to the Heritage & Folklore trail in the "Purchase a Trail" section
2. Download the map to your device (or view online as you go)
3. Follow the route to each checkpoint, and click the relevant web page when you get there (you'll have a navigation bar and map on each page so you'll never get lost).

Time required:

90 mins to 2 hours

Trail Level:


Some steep hills & STEPS

What's included:

Historical buildings & blue plaques

Great sights and viewpoints

Local knowledge and things to do

Folklore and local tales of pirates, shipwrecks, ghosts and ghouls

Amazing local businesses along the way

This walking tour will take you through the Old Town, down to the harbour and lighthouse, up to the castle, and back down through the cobbled streets to the market area.

You'll discover the sights, tales and history, heading off the beaten track while learning about Scarborough's heritage, pirates, smugglers, alehouses, fishing and folklore.

Scroll down for a little taster of what's in store. Or if you're ready to go and would like access to the full trail, click the button below.

Image by Linda L Jackson

The First Seaside Town

Why do visitors always have fish and chips, or a ride on the donkeys? What brought the Victorians to our golden sands? 

Learn about our history as the first seaside town, and where these traditions came from.

Image by Elena Theodoridou

Pirates and Smugglers

Walk the hidden cobbles and alleys that smugglers and pirates scrambled up to get away from customs officers. Learn about the pirates who embarked on adventures from Scarborough, and discover the underground smugglers' tunnels beneath your feet.

Scarborough Harbour is part of the Heritage Trail

Fishing & Maritime Heritage

We have quite a history for such a little town - from a medieval fishing town to an important port town, with centuries of folklore and superstitions to discover. Shipwrecks, sea monsters, and some crazy fishermen's superstitions, we explore the mark seafaring has left on our town.

Image by Stephen Ingham
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