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Treasure Hunt & Word Trails

Looking for something fun & exciting to do around scarborough? 

Explore our captivating word search treasure trails, each set in a unique Scarborough location brimming with intriguing clues.

The clues lead to letters, each spelling out a unique word for every trail. With letters sometimes out of order, it's a brain-teasing challenge to decipher the final word. Plus, with trails updated regularly, there's always a fresh word waiting to be discovered!​

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Peasholm Park Lake.jpg

North Bay Sea Front

Word Search Trail


North Bay Beach.jpg

We have lots of new word search treasure trails coming soon. Keep checking this page, or sign up to our email newsletters to be the first to hear about what's new.

How it works


Click on the treasure trail of your choice above to get to the clues for your location.


The answers to each clue is a letter. Keep your eyes peeled as it is usually something hiding in plain sight.

Write each letter down so you can solve the final word.


When you finish the final clue, you'll have a jumbled up word. You'll need to work out what the word is in order to win the trail.

Peasholm Ducks Boats Lake.jpg

Peasholm Park

Clues - Updated Feb 2024

Each clue will give you one letter. All clues are hidden on signage and notice boards around the park.

The clues spell out the name some locals affectionately call Scarborough - can you figure it out?


Stand at the main entrance (inside the park), looking out towards the Open Air Theatre. You should see a signpost with 3 direction signs, one on the left and two on the right….

  1. The 5th letter of the 1st word on the left hand sign

  2. & 3. The 1st and 2nd letter of the 2nd word on the bottom right hand sign


Stand on the bridge separating the duck ponds and the main lake, facing out towards the lake.

4. Left hand sign, 4th word, 3rd letter

5. Left hand sign, 1st letter of the last word


Find the sign for the tree trail near the duck pond.

6. The first letter on the sign

7. The first letter of number 29


Stand by the wishing well, and look up the hill, you’ll see some steps with a green sign on them.

8 - The 2nd letter of the 2nd word


For our last clue, you need to take the first letter of the answer to the below question:

9. In our nature trail there’s lots of info about the different types of birds we have in the park, but what bird definitely doesn’t exist even though everyone thinks it lives at the seaside?

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