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Scarborough Old Town Heritage & Fishing


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Scarborough Old Town & Castle

Scarborough has a tale to tell - and we want to share it with you

We love living in Scarborough, and want you to experience the most beautiful parts of our little seaside town, while also learning about the history, culture, heritage, nature and folklore. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, our guides and trails are sure to give you an unforgettable experience.

Scarborough Tours and Guides Walking Trails

For a limited time you can preview the entire heritage trail for free. Go to "Heritage Trail Route" in the menu or click the button below:


Make the most of your visit to Scarborough

You'll find a number of guides to help you discover the best attractions and things to do.  Head to our guides page to find out more >>

Dog Walker at the Park

Check out our Dog-Friendly Guide - packed full of useful info, including where you can take your pup on the beach, which businesses are dog-friendly, off-lead areas and walk, plus some great local resources for your stay.

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Free Scarborough Ghost Tour


Learn about Scarborough's most infamous ghosts, while visiting the sites of their hauntings - if you dare! Get 7 ghostly tales for free, with an option to purchase the rest at the end of the tour.

Old Town Heritage Trail

Old Town Heritage & Folklore Trail

Scarborough Walking tours

Scarborough Old Town Trail

Old Town Heritage & Folklore Trail

Find out about the history and heritage of Scarborough's Old Town - from the Romans and the Middle Ages, to the modern seaside town we know today.

Discover the folklore and superstitions associated with different areas of the town - ghosts, ghouls, fishermen's superstitions, pirates and smugglers all add their own spin on the town's history. With many stories passed down through generations, parts of this trail have been built purely from local knowledge - you won't find that on any other Scarborough tour!

Peasholm Fairy Trail & Enchanted Glen

Peasholm Nature & FAIRY Trail

Perfect for kids, and big kids! Follow the enchanted woodland trail around Peasholm Park and Glen, look out for the troll bridges, pixie loot and fairy hideouts. Unlock a whole host of imaginative stories and fables, and if you're lucky enough you might just stumble on some little gifts left by fairies of the enchanted wood.

There's also a wildlife survey and activity pack, teaching youngsters about the nature, animals and birds we regularly see in the park.

Scarborough Tours & Trails - compass, smugglers and pirates

Pirates, Smugglers and Treasure Trail

Find out where famous pirates and smugglers hid their loot, and see if you can find your own booty in our Treasure Trail. A shorter trail, perfect for little legs we've designed this trail for kids under 11 (and big kids). Take twists and turns along the sea front and through the cobbles of the old town to discover where real pirates and smugglers walked.

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Ghouls and Ghost Tour Scarborough

Dark Tourism & Ghost Trail

Ghouls, hauntings and macabre tales from Scarborough's history up to modern times. An extended version of our ghost tour, complete with a few tales that were too dark to include. This is not a trail for the faint hearted (or easily offended). Don't say we didn't warn you!


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